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DJ Mike Reyes was born and raised in Los Angeles, he has been a professional Disc Jockey for night clubs and events for over 25 years.

Mike has always been attracted to the way music could make people move.  Mike’s first gig was more than 25 years ago.  Mike’s extensive musical knowledge spans from over 25 years of DJing dance music.  Mike has been DJing in dance clubs, and other events since the mid 80’s giving him an ability to seamlessly blend between genres.  Mike continues to keep on the cutting edge of musical tastes and styles as he continues to be a current DJ at one of Hollywood’s biggest clubs.  Mike continues to DJ at private events, weddings and other parties.  Mike has DJ’d all over California and frequently travels out of state to DJ gigs at clubs and events.

Recently, Mike has also added the title of producer to his list of accomplishments and is currently signed with Good For You Records with a single that charted in the top 50 for the House music genre.

Mike is an expert at “reading” his crowd and picking the right music to get his people dancing.  Mike’s philosophy is: “If you pick the right music, you don’t need any games or tricks to get people dancing.”

Mike is also an accomplished MC and can handle the duties required of an MC for events.  He has training in radio voice-overs and commercial voice-overs.  He has been an “on-air” DJ at a major college radio station in the Los Angeles area in the past.

Rest assured Mike can provide you with an expert level DJ for your event.  Mike is a professional and courteous DJ who takes his customer service to the next level.  Mike is a proud member of the American DJ Association and carries a one million dollar per occurrence / two Million aggregate policy.

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